What RMM Students Are Saying about the Yamaha music school

RMM ~ Recreational Music Making
“Why choose the RMM program for your piano learning needs? Not only do you actually learn to play but also it’s fun! I’ve been playing by ear my whole life, never having learned to read music. After a year of classes I’ve got basics down thanks to a lively, structured environment that makes one eager to learn rather than dread that next class. You’re going to learn to play and enjoy it.”
~ Anthony S, class member for one year

“I find it hard to sit and practice by myself but my one-hour group class with Rita flies! I’m developing so many good habits that spill over into my daily life such as playing through my mistakes, posture and perseverance. I wasn’t sure recreational piano would be for me, but now I’m hooked!”
~ Maureen G, Los Angeles

“Learning piano through RMM with Rita has been a wonderful, stressless and invigorating experience. I had no background in reading music or playing any musical instrument. This class is low pressure using techniques that help you learn to read music and play at the same time. It’s as if the learning is being ‘snuck in’ so that students don’t stress about what we are learning. The class is fun and upbeat! And the teacher gives each student individual attention. I’m really enjoying the class and when it started to click, it was very exciting and gave me more incentive to keep going! Thanks Rita!”
~ Lynda C

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I wanted to play for years and tried some self-learning materials without success. This class is exactly what I needed. You’re given the basics and you slowly, step by step, build from there. It’s a very relaxed, no stress experience. I am amazed at how much I’ve learned in so short a time. I’ve learned to sight-read music and play songs. There are no drills and no complex memorization. You just learn as you go. It is perfect for adults and I strongly encourage anyone who has ever considered learning to play to give it a try. Thank you Rita!”
~ Marty P