Junior Music Course (JMC)

Ages 4-5

This 5-semester program for children beginning at ages 4 and 5 provides an incomparable foundation for future musical study on any instrument. Children experience singing, music reading and writing, keyboard playing, ear training, and creating music. A parent, guardian, or caregiver is required to attend each class with his/her child to serve as a learning partner. Parent meetings, which are held periodically during the school year, cover subjects such as how to participate in class and how to assist at home. Children do not attend the parent meetings. Classes meet each week and run approximately 50-60 minutes.


The in-class musical experiences nurture creativity and help instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music. Lessons include:

Hearing: Listening to wonderful music helps children to develop emotional sensitivity, an ear for music and to feel and express music in time rhythmically

Singing: Children love to sing! Singing develops self expression, correct tempo, rhythm, pitch and understanding of note names

Playing: Performing songs introduces children to the joy of expressing music by themselves. Playing also helps students to become familiar with the five-line staff and keyboard and express music with both hands

Creating: Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children’s musical creativity and sense of harmony


Age Requirement: Children must have reached their 4th birthday by September 1 for first semester classes and by January 1 for second semester classes. Children who fall short of the minimum age requirement must wait until the next semester to enroll. This requirement is necessary to ensure that children will not be exposed to unnecessary frustration by being enrolled in a program for which they may not be physically or socially ready.

Grouping: Students are matched according to age, skill development and musical goals. Classes are sometimes regrouped to provide the best learning situation.

Instructors: Yamaha instructors must pass a comprehensive musical examination and attend regular Yamaha-sponsored seminars in order to gain and retain their teaching certification. Yamaha representatives visit local classrooms periodically to assist teachers in improving and refining their teaching skills.

Class Attendance: Only enrolled students and their parents may attend the class sessions. In order to maintain an effective classroom environment, we ask that parents arrange child care for other children. Guests may be invited from time-to-time with advance permission from the instructor.